Our Team

Team Group Picture

Our team consists of university students who want to make a positive impact on people’s lives. To help a county called Changshun in Guizhou, China, our team first embarked on a water purification project with moringa seeds. As we continued the journey, due to the latest relocation policy, the project grew into a social enterprise to help the Changshun villagers. Changshun is an area with a unique culture, Batik art, yet it is one of the poorest counties in China and suffers from poverty and malnutrition. Our social enterprise, Ms. Moringa uses the huge benefits of this valuable tree to improve the living conditions of the Changshun villagers and farmers. By creating moringa-related products that are exclusively designed to combine the local Guizhou culture, we aim to provide local farmers with a stable income source and at the same time, promote the beautiful batik culture and the health benefits of moringa.


Here’s a video of our social enterprise.



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